Eridge Park is a 6,000 acre private estate on the Kent/Sussex border, which has been in the hands of the Nevill family since the Norman conquest. Much of the park, including the lake is scheduled by Natural England as a Site of Special Scientific. Syndicate members have exclusive access to the lake, which can only be reached via a private road. There is secure parking within 100 yards of the water, with toilet facilities.

The fishery is a classic 14 acre estate lake and is exceptionally beautiful. The lake is fed by the numerous springs within the estate, some of which are tapped by the Estate and the water is bottled and sold. The continuous flow of these springs guarantees us fantastic water quality and excellent oxygen levels, even in the hottest summers. The lake is very rich in natural food and is a superb environment for producing large and healthy carp.

Since the opening of the fishery in 1999, the lake has been stocked exclusively with quality English carp. The lake now boasts twenty two thirties between 30lbs and 36lbs, with a good number of upper twenties growing on fast behind them

Membership is limited to 50 experienced carp anglers. Fishing is available on an annual season ticket basis only. There are no day tickets or guest tickets. The price for the 2018/19 season is £550.00, with a joining fee of £50.00 for new members. Winter tickets are sometimes available.

Given the stunning location and the quality of fishing, this will be an increasingly sought after ticket over the coming years. if you can find a better fishery than Eridge Park, grab it with both hands and take out a life membership.